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Molly Fish care

Molly Fish is one of the popular choice of aquarium fish for beginners. These are tropical fishes and requires some temperature in water. If you want to carry out breeding of any fish then molly is one of the best choice. These are prolific breeder, soon they will get babies and you will be in trouble because of their breeding. Soon you will need more space to keep babies. Most of time they already pregnant before you you buy them from aquarium shop. Female molly may give birth to babies 3-4 times even in absence of male because of their tendency of holding sperms.
They are live bearers which means they does not lay eggs, they directly give birth to young fry. They can do well in small aquariums. Give them food rich in protein to encourage them to breed. Also maintain the good water circulation in the fish tank by using suitable fish tank air pumps.


Nature : Molly are peaceful in nature.

Lifespan : They have lifespan of 3-5 yrs.

Food : Give them flake food with live food. They are omnivorous.

Breeding : These are live bearers.

Size : Their size is about 2-3 inches.

Fish Tank Size : 10 gallon or more

Care : Easy

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