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indian glass fish

Indian glass fish are famous for their transparent body. All the organs of the fish are completely visible like their bones etc. So due to this nature they gain some name in the aquarium world. These fishes are readily available in some parts of Asia especially in India. Due to this reason they are also famous by the name of Indian glass fish. Indian glass fish can grow up to size of 3 inches .They lives in standing water and breed heavily in rainy season basically in July -August. They feed on small worms or any other small edible insect. Since these fishes are tropical fishes so they demand some temperature in water. The temperature should be in between 20- 30 degrees. They can live up to age of 3-4 years if good care is taken.
glass fish care
They are schooling fishes and should be kept in group of 6-7 or more otherwise they will become shy and nervous. The breeding type is egg layers ,female gives batch of eggs and male fertilises them. The fish tank of indian glass fish should be heavily planted and the tank mates should be peaceful other wise they will harass the glass fish. For breeding glass fish the aquarium should be heavily planted and with adequate sunlight. Some time these fishes can be found in several color however this color is not natural. This is done by injecting dye in their tissues. After coloring these are sold under the name of " Disco Fish ". Injecting of dye should be discouraged as they suffers from torture during injecting dye and become vulnerable to other infections. They can be easily kept with peaceful fishes which include most live bearers like molly, small loaches like clown loach and few barbs.

Size : 3 inches

Care : Moderate

Diet :Omnivorous ( accept frozen ,live ,dried food)

Temperature : 20-30 Celsius

Tank Size : 10 gallons

Lifespan : about 3 years

Nature : peaceful