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black ghost knife fish care

Black ghost knife fish is popular fish of knife fish family in aquarium trade. These are tropical fishes which are mainly found in rivers of Brazil. Due to their exotic appearance black ghost knife fish has gain much popularity. Black ghost knife fish is laterally compressed and have elongated body. These are black in color with two white rings near their tail. There is also white stripe on their head extending down few inches. This fish have distinct swimming pattern as it move by long fin present under side. Under natural environment they can grow up to 20 inches of size. However they do not grow to full extent in captivity. They can grow up to size of 12 - 15 inches under good care in fish tank. Black ghost knife fish have very long life span. They can easily live up to 7-8 years if care is taken properly. These are scaleless fishes, due to which it is more susceptible to infections.
Black ghost knife fish is basically carnivores. You can feed them brine shrimps, fishes, worms, beef heart, krill etc. Avoid overfeeding them otherwise your fish may get sick. Avoid keeping them with cichlids otherwise your fish will starve due to tough competition for food.

Fish Tank Set Up
Black ghost knife fish demands fairly large space to live due to their large size. 55 gallons tank will be enough for young one, while 100 gallons tank is ideal for adults. The fish tank should be properly covered since black ghost are known for jumping. The fish tank must contains lots of hiding spaces in forms of PVC pipes or drift woods. These fishes are quite sensitive to lights. The fish tank should have dim or low intensity lights. Tank substrate should be small and soft. Highly planted fish tank is admired by black ghost. Fish tank should have good filter and good water conditions.

Tank Mates
Black ghost knife fish is semi aggressive fish. It can be easily kept with peaceful species of larger size. Avoid them with other family members, eels, small fishes like neon tetra, rasbora etc. Cichlids of similar size will be good choice if you can handle to feed them properly. Avoid them with same type or any other electric species. Angelfish, Discus and gourami of larger size can easily be housed with them. A fish tank should only contain 1 black ghost at a time.

Care : Moderate

Diet : Carnivores ( basically meaty food )

Size : 15 inches

Nature : Semi - Aggressive

Life Span : 7 years or more

Fish Tank Size : 55 gallons +

Temperature : 23 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius