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Harlequin rasbora

Harlequin rasbora is tiny and cute aquarium fish of the rasbora family. Harlequin rasbora are laterally compressed with triangular black color patch on their body. The black color patch starts from the middle of their body and tapers toward tail. They can grow up to size of 1.5 inches to 2 inches with healthy lifespan of 5 years. There is further 2 varieties of harlequin available in market which are golden, black and wild type. This fish is readily found in rivers of Malaysia and Sumatra. Harlequin rasbora have peaceful nature and should be kept be other friendly fishes. These are shoaling species and should be kept in shoal of 6 or more otherwise you will not observe their natural behaviour. They are very hardy in nature and can easily thrive in wide range of water chemistry.
Tank Setup
Harlequin rasbora does not demands large aquarium space, small fish tank of capacity 10 gallons will serve the need. Add lots of plants and vegetation at the corners of fish tank which is similar to their natural habitat. Also put drift wood and fake plants so that they can take rest under them or hide. Front space of fish tank should be left open for free swimming. Also add dark substrate to the tank with low intensity lights. Broad fine leaves plants should added in case of spawning. The temperature of fish tank must be in between 23 - 26 degrees Celsius.
Feeding and Tank mates
Harlequin rasbora can be fed on wide range of foods. Which includes flake food, frozen or live food, vegetables, mosquito larvae, tubifex and tablet pellets. Harlequin rasbora's tank mates must be peaceful just like them. Guppies, neon tetra, platy, betta, rummy nose tetra, zebra danios and loaches will be ideal tank mates.