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red belly piranha

Red belly piranha is popular freshwater fish of piranha family. Red belly piranha have reddish shade over the belly when they get fully mature. They can grow up to size of 1 feet or more under proper care. However their growth rate is slow. Red belly piranha can live up to 6-7 years in captivity. Since they belong to piranha family that's why they are famous for their ferociousness. These fishes are very ruthless to other fishes so think twice before purchasing them. They basically eats meaty items and can be fed on small fishes, mussels, shrimps. You should also give them pellets or flake to complete their minerals and vitamin deficiency. Keep in mind that the food you are giving is free from any disease otherwise your fish will also be get infected.
Extra precautions are need while purchasing them in terms of cost and care. Due to their size you have to spend extra money on fish food. Also they may bite your fingers while you are cleaning your aquarium. Red belly piranha are active schooling fish and demands fairly larger space to swim. Fish tank smaller then 30 gallons will make them stressed. Keep the aquarium free from left or uneaten food because it will foul the water. Breeding them is difficult but possible under good conditions. Give them good hiding spots as red belly piranha are mostly nervous and timid. Keep only tough plants in water otherwise they will get destroyed. Red belly piranha tank mates must be chosen wisely since piranhas are very aggressive. Other piranhas, plecos or convicts can live happily if fish tank is lager one.
Care : Moderate

Food : basically meaty products like brine shrimps, small fishes or beef heart

Size : 12 inches or more

Fish tank :30 gallons or more

Nature : very aggressive

Lifespan : 7 years or more

Temperature : 74 degree Fahrenheit to 85 degree Fahrenheit