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albino cory catfish care

Albino Cory catfish are small, cute catfishes which are quite appealing. They have barbels near the mouth region and are generally light pinkish or yellowish in color. Albino Cory catfish grow up to size of 3 inches in captivity. They can live up to 3 - 4 years in captivity under good care. They can easily thrive in small fish tanks, 10 gallons fish tank will be enough for few pairs. These are very hardy fishes and well suited for beginners. They are very peaceful in nature and loves to live in groups. Adding them to fish tank will add lots of activity and liveliness to you fish tank. Always add them in group of 6 or more to observe their natural behaviour. They are bottom dwellers and keeps the bottom clean by eating left food and algae.
Fish Tank Set Up
Like most of the catfishes they are extremely sensitive to salt. Avoid adding salt to your aquarium otherwise you will loose them. Albino Cory catfish is also sensitive to poor water conditions. So do 30 % of water change twice a week. Since these are bottom dwellers, so substrate must be mixer of sand and small gravels. They love to live in planted area which provide them shade to retreat and for rest. Albino Cory catfish is extremely sensitive to high intensity light, so avoid it. The temperature of the fish tank must be in between 22 - 26 degrees Celsius. Keep an eye on ammonia and nitrate level it must be under control.
Food and Tank mates
Albino cory catfish can be easily fed on wide range of food. Flake food, pellet tablets, brine shrimps, worms and algae wafers will be good choice. These are extremely social fishes, and can easily live with other peaceful tank mates. Neon tetra, zebra danio, platy fish, swordtails and dwarf gourami will be good choice.

Care : Easy
Size : 3 inches
Lifespan : 3-5 years
Nature : Peaceful
Diet : omnivores
Fish Tank Size : 10 gallons or more
Temperature : 22 - 26 degrees Celsius
Breeding : easy and fun