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orchid dottyback

Orchid dottyback is also very common fish for marine reef tanks. It's striking violet colour grabs attention and love of many aquarist. The fish have black stripe which run from lip to eye enhancing its beauty. Orchid dottybacks are hardy and easy to keep that's why suited for beginners. The fish is quite active, have good bright and beautiful colours. Fully grown dottyback is 3 inches long under superb care. Orchid dottyback have good lifespan of 5 years or more if good care is taken. The fish is good for community tank provided fish tank is not a nano tank. Orchid dottyback born as female but can turn themselves into males. If you have pair of females then larger one probably change herself into male and form pair. It is quite shy and keeps on hiding when newly added. But soon they will gain courage and start exploring new home. The fish is easily available but prices may vary depending upon need and supply.

Aquarium setup
The fish is peaceful but territorial. Orchid dottyback will claim territory in fish tank and defend it seriously. The fish tank must have lots of hiding spots such as caves, holes, rock structure etc. Hiding spots will make them feel secure and help in develop colours. The fish tank must have open swimming space with substrate. The requires less intensity light similar to their natural habitat. High intensity light will make them nervous and stressed. The temperature if aquarium must be kept 22-28 degrees Celsius.

Orchid dottyback are basically carnivorous. Give them meaty food basically such as brine shrimps, mysis shrimps, chopped krill. They can also accept vitamin enriched flake food and pellets. The food must be vitamin enriched and protein rich so they do not loose color. Diet should be mixer of both live as well as frozen food. Bristle worms and zooplankton are also on their food list.orchid dottyback

Tank mates
Dottyback show some aggression to similar species and for those who have same colour and shape. Damsels, clowns, angels,surgeon , triggers and some wrasses will be good tank mates. Keep them with species which have similar temperament and size. After housing them keep an eye on them for any disputes. Remember the larger is the tank, less is the chances of fight. Mild fishes will be harassed by orchid dottyback.

Care : Easy

Lifespan : 5 years or more

Size : 3 inches

Temperament : semi - aggressive

Aquarium size : 40 gallons

Temperature : 22-28 degrees Celsius

Diet : basically meaty food