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silver dollar

Silver dollar fish is another popular tropical aquarium fish. The round body and silver colour is the reason for their  name " silver dollar". The fish is quite hardy and easily available in market. The fish is laterally compressed and have scale less body. The fish is peaceful and love to eat vegetable based food. It is well suited for community aquarium. However, the tank mates should be of similar size otherwise they will be treated as snacks. It is schooling fish and best to kept in group of 4 or more. They are generally sold at size of 1-2 inches at aquarium shop. The fish may grow up to 8 inches under good care, so take care while purchasing them. The fish spend its most of time at mid or upper level of water. Silver dollar fish have good lifespan of 10 years or more if care is taken properly.

Fish tank Setup
The fish tank must be properly recycled before adding silver dollar to it. The minimum capacity of tank must be more then 40 gallons. The tank should have normal lightning and medium water current. The plants for aquarium must be chosen wisely. The plants must be hard and able to grow faster, otherwise soon they will be destroyed or eaten. Fake plants, rocks, caves and other hiding spots will be advised to reduce stress of fishes. The fish tank must be covered with lid, since silver dollar tend to jump when scared.

Silver dollar fish  is basically herbivore, it mainly fed on vegetable based food. You can give them algae wafers, spinach, romaine lettuce, hard boiled pea (internal part), lettuce. You can still give them brine shrimps, blood worms, algae tablets and flake food. Do not give them same food again and again else it may lack in certain nutrient.

Tank mates 
The tank mates for silver dollar can be easily chosen. You can keep them with peaceful fishes of similar length. Small fishes having size of their mouth will be treat as meal. You can keep them with medium tetras, phantom, black skirt, giant danios, swordtail, plecos, catfish etc.
Size : 8 inches

Care : easy

Temperament : peaceful

Fish tank size : 40 gallons

Temperature : 24-28 degrees Celsius

Diet : mostly vegetable based food

Life span : 10 years or more