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arc eye hawkfish

Arc eye hawkfish is medium sized marine water fish. The fish is know by many names in aquarium industry such as arc eye hawkfish, ring eye hawkfish, whiteline hawkfish etc. If can be found at various places such as Australia, Hawaii, Africa, Indonesia etc. The fish have light orange or pinkish body with white horizontal stripe over it. The fish also have yellow, orange and blue round ring near the eye. There are even more colour forms and versions of hawkfish are available in market. The fish rest on things such as corals, rocks. If any fish or live food comes nearby it make sudden movement to eat it. Arc eye fish is ambush predator and territorial in nature and must be added at the last. If other fish are added after it they will surely get beaten up. The fish grow up to 5 inches of length and is good for medium size tank.

Tank mates
Tank mates for hawkfish must be hard enough to take the beating. Larger but docile tank mates even get harassed. Small tank mates are get eaten if they fit into mouth. Arc eye hawkfish can open their mouth even larger then expected. Parrotfish, surgeon, hogfish, wrasse can be good tank mates but keep an eye on them. Tank mates even other hawkfishes added after them have to bear even  more attacks.

Tank setup
30 gallon tank will be good to hold single arc eye hawkfish. The tank should have lots of rocks, caves, crevices for them. Add them in reef tank with caution, they are not very much compatible to reef tank. Keep the temperature of tank between 22-26 degrees Celsius.

In natural habitat arc eye hawkfish perches on smaller fishes and crabs. In home aquarium the diet should consist of mostly meaty food. You can give it crustacean, shrimps, crabs, frozen meaty food for carnivorous fishes, mysis, pellets and flakes. Keep shuffling their diet to give them more colour and health.

Care : easy

Diet : carnivorous

Temperature : 22-27 degrees Celsius

Tank size : 30 gallons

Temperament : aggressive

Tank mates : tough and large

Size : 6 inches under good care

Life span : more then 5 years