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how to make low tech planted fish tank

After long time I am writing this post just to give some tips to grow planted tank at very low cost. This is very much important, as this will provide natural looks to your aquarium and moreover it will increase life span of your fishes. Since it will provide good water quality and natural environment for fishes. Earlier my fishes used to die very often. Since last year I have been using plants. None of my fish has died. Even I don't use any Co2 diffuser neither any filter. Believe me its worth moving to planted tanks.
The first and foremost thing you will require is the fish tank obviously where you will grow plants. Now get some 2-3 mm size gravel to fill up you tank substrate for about 1-2 inches. And order little bit of Ada Amazonia soil 1 kg will be enough for up to 3 feet tank or about 30 gallon tank. If you have more budget than you can add more soil. Get 2 Led Bulbs or CFL of about 10 watts each. Approx 1 watt for one gallon would be suffice. Now distribute the gravel on the tank floor. Make some space where you want to add plants on the substrate and add amazonia soil in it. You can make 15-20 pits by removing gravels. Yes, you can grow carpet plants in it. Now get some aquarium plants which are easily grown and less demanding. You can chose Anubias, Amazon sword, Sagittaria Subulata for Carpet, Ludwigia Repens, hydrocotyle verticillata etc.

 Add those plants carefully in the pit where soil has been added. Now add water slowly. Fill up to the desired depth. Now install the CFL or LED. The lumen intensity of bulbs should be around 6500K. Most of the bulbs are of this specification, you no need to trouble yourself for this. If you fish tank is covered then paste aluminum foil on the inside of the lid for better reflection. Now your tank is ready to go. You can add fish after 1-2 water changes provided you fish tank is already cycled. Otherwise wait for 20-30 days for cycling. Don't add any pumps it will up root the plants. Just add one air stone.
 You can see the black areas in above image under little right side. It is the amazonia soil i added just grow plants. Remaining is normal substrate. Initially plants require to grow in this area. After some time the fish poop will act as normal fertilizer and the plant will thrive on normal substrate as well. Now you no need to clean gravels or substrate, all waste will be used by plants for making food. Fish food is already rich with all the minerals required for plants growth. Remember not to overfeed your fish just to get more poop. These pictures are quite old, now saggitaria subulata has overtaken the tank.