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ellioti cichlid fish care

Ellioti cichlid is extremely beautiful fish of cichlid family with various beautiful color patterns on their body. Ellioti cichlid is middle size cichlid which may grow up to size of 6 inches depending on the level of car you provide. These are mild fishes and can be easily harassed by other aggressive cichlids so take care of the. The temperature of the fish tank should be around 22 C - 26 C with good water quality. Breeding ellioti cichlid can be easily done in aquarium provided appropriate conditions are maintained.

They show care for their babies like discus, angels which is common trait of cichlids. They can do well in small aquarium of 80 litres capacity. However you will not observe their natural behaviour. Also provide them soft substrate in tank such as sand with some plants, drift woods and hiding spots. Ellioti cichlid are omnivorous in nature and can accept wide range of food. These fishes can easily have flake food, live food, pellets etc. While feeding take care of size of food, food should be small in size. Also don't give them contaminated food. Live food will help them developing their colors. Like every other cichlid, these are sensitive to poor water condition so take care of that. Maintain 25 % regular water changes per week. Ellioti must be added in a group of 4 or more in fish tank.
Care : Moderate

Size : 6 inches

Nature : Semi aggressive

Fish tank size : 25 gallon or more

Breeding : Moderate

Food : Omnivorous

Temperature : 22 C -26 C


The overall process of breeding ellioti cichlid fish is similar to that of other cichlids such as discus fish, angelfish, green terror cichlid. Breeding of this fish can be easily done in small aquariums of about 25 gallons or more. For breeding you need to identify male and female. The general difference is, the male are slightly larger then female's and female have dark near the front of dorsal fin. Ellioti cichlid gets matured for breeding at the size of about 10 cm or 4 inches. For breeding you should keep about 7-8 ellioti cichlids. Increase the temperature of fish tank to 28 C with regular water changes. Also you should have soft substrate in tank such as sand so that parents can dig pits int it. Give them protien rich food especially live food.
From the group ellioti cichlid some will form pair and occupy certain area of your tank forming territory. Soon they will spawm and give about 200 eggs on flat or angled surface of stone, marbble or broad leaf. They will protect the eggs from other group members. However you can remove other members to any other place to ensure high survival. Don't need to remove parents they will take care of babies. In 3-4 days eggs will hatch and parents will take them to pit which they have dug in substrate. You can give baby brine shrimps, crushed flake or frozen food to babies.