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top 5 tropical fishes of the world

5 .Molly Fish
If you want to breed fish in your fish tank then molly is the best choice. These are prolific breeder and breed in mostly every condition. These are non demanding and give birth to live babies directly. Female molly's are ready to give birth in 1 month interval. Males and females are easily distinguished. These are colorful and easily to be cared of. Mollies are also available in wide varieties such as balloon, dalmatian, lyretail etc. Molly are on the top list of fishes used for breeding in homes. Molly fish is among top tropical fishes of the world which can be breded easily in home aquarium.

4.Fighter Fish:
Due to extremely color full long fins, fighter fish has spotted their place in many hearts. These are one of the top tropical fishes and require some temperature in water. The most interesting feature about fighter fish is that they have special organ which helps them to take oxygen directly from air. Which means that you can put them in small fish tank in which fish tank air pump is not present or may have less oxygen dissolved. The draw back is that they can't be kept with fin nippers such as tiger barbs etc. Breeding is however classified as moderate.

3.Guppy Fish
Guppy fishes are extremely colorful and vibrant species. These are small and cheap. These are live bearers just like molly. These are peaceful and loves to live in a shoal.It is believed that not 2 guppies are identical. They easily feed on almost every food and these are hardy and can easily thrive in your aquarium. Guppies can easily be distinguished between male and female and can be easily breed. These are one of the top popular tropical fishes of the world.

2.Neon Tetra
Neon Tetra whenever you have been to fish tank dealer's shop, you may have noticed lots of small fishes having red and blue horizontal striped. Which were extremely eye catching and active. You will also notice that with the change in angle their color also changes. These fishes adds color and activity to your aquarium. These are also omnivorous and can live happily in even 10 gallon aquarium or more. Neon tetra are among top schooling (in groups) fishes of the world.

1. Angel Fish
Angel fish is one of my favourite aquarium fish. It is one of the most beautiful fish that exits. It is laterally compressed and have 2 long fins coming out. These are hardy and tough also easily available with cheap cost depending on their type. These have lot of personality and intelligence as compared to other. These are one of the top popular fish of cichlid family. Angel fishes are peaceful and can be attacked by barb or any other aggressive fish. Also other smaller fish such as guppy may become angel's food so avoid keeping them with.