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golden nugget pleco

Golden nugget pleco is freshwater fish of sucker mouth group. The fish have beautiful colouration and pattern. Most of them are dark brown in colour with yellow or golden spots on it. The fish is basically bottom dweller and keep on hiding most of the time. They can grow up to 8 inches under captivity, however their growth rate is very slow. They have very long life span, they can live up to 20 years or more under good care. Golden nugget pleco can feed on algae, it can also chew drift wood. These are peaceful but can become aggressive for hiding spots. So give them lots of shady areas to hide. Golden nugget pleco can even eat small fishes which can fit in their mouth. You can keep them with other community fishes which requires same water parameters. Breeding them in captivity is extremely tough. Nugget plecos breed and lay eggs in caves with water flowing across it.
Tank Setup
Minimum 40 gallon tank will be sufficient to hold 3-4 golden nugget pleco. Fish tank must have lots of hiding spots for every one other wise disputes may occur. It must have lots of caves, rocks, drift wood and plants for hiding. The tank substrate must be soft either of small gravels or sand. The light intensity should be low since pleco avoid high intensity light. The water quality must be high as possible with good water current and oxygen level.

Golden nugget generally eat left over food and algae, which make them good tank cleaner. They are not choosy about their food. You can give them algae wafer, cucumber, pea, prawn ,brine shrimps etc.
Tank mates
Tank mates must be peaceful and large enough to be get fit into their mouth. You can easily keep golden nugget pleco with other plecos, angelfish, tetras, discus, rasboras, danios, gouarmi, barbs, molly, guppy and many more.

Fish tank Size : 40 gallons or more

Nature : peaceful

Lifespan : 20 years or more under good care

Diet : omnivores

Temperature : 24-28 degrees Celsius

Size : 8 inches or more