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black banded leporinus

Black banded leporinus is tropical freshwater fish. It is the one of few members of its family which has gain name in aquarium trade. Black banded leporinus is elongated in shape with black and yellowish vertical stripes on their body. Due to these vibrant colors, they appeal to many people. They can grow up to size of 10-12 inches in captivity. These are lively and active schooling fishes and must be kept in group of 6-7. They may indulge themselves in fin nipping process. Black banded leporinus can easily live up to 5 years or more in captivity. These fishes are great jumpers, so tank must be properly covered with a lid.
Fish Tank Set Up
Since it can grow up to 10-12 inches of size, therefore 55 gallon tank is recommended. Tank should be tightly covered. Black banded leporinus are good eater of live plants. They can damage the plants up to great extent. Only fake plants and hardy plants such as anubias and java fern is recommended. Tank substrate can be of any kind. Tank should contain lots of hiding spots in form of decorations, rocks and caves.

Black banded leporinus are omnivores in nature. They can easily fed on flakes, frozen food, live food, plant matter, brine shrimps, worms, beef heart, pellets etc. Feed them several times a day. Alter the diet regularly to avoid in specific deficiency of minerals.

Tank mates
Black banded leporinus are generally peaceful in large sized tank They can become aggressive if they are hungry and present in low number. Do not add them withsmaller fishes, otherwise they will become meal. Avoid adding them with slow moving and fishes with larger fins such as angelfish. Since leporinus are fin nippers. Plecos, silver dollar and rainbow fish will be good choice. If any quarrel occurs its better to separate them

Care : moderate

Diet : omnivores

Size : 10 - 12 inches

Nature : Semi - aggressive(aggression increases with age)

Lifespan : 5 years or more

Fish Tank size : 55 gallons

Temperature : 22 - 27 degrees Celsius