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jack dempsey cichlid

Jack dempsey cichlid is very strong, lively and beautiful fish. It is one of the beloved member from cichlid family. Jack dempsey cichlid requires significant care because of their hot temperament. Only skillful aquarist should opt for them. Jack dempsey cichlid was named after former boxer " jack dempsey ". They can grow up to 10 inches is care is taken properly. They are very active swimmers, so put them in large fish tank. They can live up to 10 years or more under good care. Take extra care while choosing tank mates for jack dempsey cichlid. Tank mates should be of same size and temperament. Otherwise they will become food for them. You can go for gold severum, covict cichlid or fire mouth cichlid.
  Jack dempsey cichlid is territorial fish like most of the cichlids so there must be enough room in fish tank to form territories. Jack dempsey gets mature enough at the age of 8 months. Males are generally larger then females and more aggressive towards them. Choose at least 55 gallon fish tank for a pair of fishes. They accepts wide range of food, keep changing their diet with live and frozen food. You can feed them pellets, blood worms, earth worms, flake food etc. Jack dempsey love to dig surface of substrate. They will uproot most of the plants so keep only tough and hardy plants in fish tank. Keep the temperature of fish tank in between 74 F- 86 F. Breeding can be easily done under proper conditions.
Care : Moderate

Breeding : Easy

Temperature : 74 F- 86 F

Fish tank size : 55 gallons

Nature : Aggressive

Lifespan : 10 years

Diet : Omnivorous