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convict cichlid

Convict cichlid is is one of the famous and favourite aquarium fishes of the cichlid family. Cichlid family of fishes is famous for its beautiful, elegant, smart fishes like angelfish, discus fish , oscar and many many more. These traits are easily found in convict cichlid. These are beautiful fish having black stripes on white body. They are hardy in nature and can deal with wide range of condition. If you want beginner and want any cichlid in your home then convict cichlid is best option. They demands no special care. The breeding of these species is very easy, no extra preparation is required. Convict cichlid have healthy lifespan of 10 years under normal care.
convict cichlid breeding
These fishes live happily in small tank of size 25 gallons, for a pair. They do not grow very large and attain the maximum size of 6 inches if care is taken properly. The temperature of the fish tank should be around 21 C - 26 C. You can add stones, rocks, marbles as decoration in fish tank. Which will look like their wild habitat. These fish are territorial and can become aggressive to protect their territories. So do not put soft and small tank mates so, take care while choosing tank mates. You can go for green terror, oscar or larger barbs as tank mates. But take care of their size. Convict cichlid may even knock down larger fishes then its size. They are omnivorous and can accept almost any food you provide. They are also know as zebra cichlids .
                                        convict cichlid breeding and care

Care : Easy

Lifespan : 10 years

Breeding : Easy

Nature : aggressive

Fish tank Size : 25 gallons

Food : omnivorous

Temperature : 21 C- 26 C

Breeding convict cichlid can be easily done in your home fish tank. Convict cichlid breeding does not require any special equipments or preparation. They gets mature enough for breeding at early age of 5 months. The main important thing in breeding convicts is that you should have pair of male and female. For getting a pair you can get by getting 6-7 small cichlids and raise them in you tank. Soon they will form a pair and occupies a territory chasing other fishes off. Now your pairs are ready to spawn.Maintain the temperature of fish tank at 21 C -26 C with regular water changes.
You should remove other pairs to other tanks. In the chosen territory they will dig a pit or may clean any flat or slanted surface to lay eggs. The female will lay eggs on the surface of any marble piece, rock surface, flowerpot or any other place if present. If any other fish is present convicts will protect their eggs. If you are not able to see the eggs then you should observe the behaviour of parents they will spend their time near the location and waving her fins. You do not need to remove parents as they effectively take care of babies.
After 3-4 days the eggs will hatch. You do not need to feed for 2-3 days as they have egg sac to feed on. After few days you can give them baby brine shrimps, microworms or any other crushed flake food till they gets mature enough.