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bristlenose catfish

Bristlenose catfish is one of the most popular algae eating catfish. They have distinct look and peaceful nature which attracts most of the aquarist. The other advantage is they are algae eater. They have sucker mouth and long tentacles on their mouth when they are fully grown (6-9 months old). Bristlenose catfish are generally have black or brown background with yellow and white spots. They indulge themselves for cleaning of your fish tank night and day. They are bottom dwellers and eats all the uneaten food from the bottom. Bristlenose catfish are hardy in nature and adaptable to wide range of water parameters. However you should avoid the extremes. They do not grow to very large, males generally grow up to 6 inches and female up to 5 inches. They can live up to 10 years under proper care.
Feeding                         bristlenose catfish tank.JPG
Even though they eat algae but you should also feed them specifically. Take care that they do not lack in specific nutrient or vitamin. Bristlenose catfish are omnivorous , they readily accepts food from wide domain. They happily eat vegetables like cucumber, hard boiled green pea (not skin), zucchini, lettuce leafs,spinach etc. They can even fed on sinking algae wafers, blood worms, pellets etc. However it is advised to shuffle the diet regularly.
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Fish Tank Set Up
Bristlenose catfish can happily live in small fish tanks. 10 gallons capacity tank will be sufficient to carry few pairs. Bristlenose catfish spends most of their time in hiding. The fish tank must contain lots of hiding spots in form of drift wood, caves, plants. Keep the temperature ranging from 22 - 27 degrees Celsius. Maintain the water quality at its peak by regular water changes.
Tank Mates
Since bristlenose catfish are peaceful fishes they can easily housed with other peaceful fishes such as neon tetra, guppies, mollies, platies, danios and hatchets. If you are having large tank they can easily live with angelfishes, firemouth, tiger barbs and few gouramies.

Care : Easy

Fish tank size : 10 gallons or more
Size : 6 inches males ( 5 inches females)
Lifespan : 10 years or more
Nature : peaceful
Breeding : moderate
Diet : omnivorous especially vegetable