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dalmation molly fish

Dalmatian molly is very beautiful aquarium fish. Dalmation molly have equally distributed black spots on their white body which looks extremely good. Dalmation are also called marbled molly. Like ever else molly these are profolic breeder and are good choice if you want to start breeding. As these are hybrid version of saifin molly these fish are more susceptible to disease. They do well in brackish water. Very soon they will get babies and you will be in trouble because of their spawning. Now you will need more space to keep babies.
Most of time they already pregnant before you you buy them from aquarium dealer. Females may give babies 3-4 times even seen absence of males because of their tendency of holding sperms. Dalmation molly are live bearers which means they does not lay eggs, they directly give birth to young fry. They can do well in small aquariums. Molly tends to eat their babies just after giving birth so you need to separate the babies from their mother as well as other tank mates. Sometime they try to chase other tank mates with larger fin. To avoid stress put 1 male with 2-3 female. So you require lots of hiding places or breeding net or breeding box will serve the need.

Nature : They are peaceful in nature.

Lifespan : They have lifespan of 3-5 yrs.

Food : Give them flake food with live food. They are omnivorous.

Breeding : These are live bearers(easy).

Size : Their size is about 3-4 inches.

Care : Easy